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To get started with SupersonicIT, you will have to read through the Terms and Conditions of our plans. It is advisable for the users to read the clauses of this page before you begin working with us. The online technical support agreement is important for the users as well as for us.
In the subsequent lines, the Terms and Conditions will be referred to as ‘Agreement’ and the user will be referred as ‘You’. SupersonicIT owns the rights and properties of this website, along with the content and design. SupersonicIT also provides the tools and services that are described on the website.

What You Need
To make the most of SupersonicIT, you will need a high-speed Broadband Internet connection. The computer that you are working on must be connected to the Internet. You will permit us to install or remove any software that is coming into conflict with those from our end. Of course, we will inform you about any software that we install or remove from your system. At your end, you have to ensure that you are working on a registered/valid/authorized operating system that is installed on your local computer.

Service Plans & Information
The service plans and offers published on the web pages of SupersonicIT are subject to changes without any prior information. They can also be terminated at any time without intimation. The rights to make changes and modifications to the plans, without providing reasons for the same, lie with SupersonicIT only. The service plans are for only for Remote Technical Support. If we have to do the onsite repairs, those will be charges seperately on hourly basis.

Payment Procedures
You can avail the services and plans of SupersonicIT only after your payments are cleared. You can only utilize the services offered when you meet the payment procedures and other related criteria necessary with the Plan that you have chosen. If the payment procedures have not been met, SupersonicIT is not liable to offer you any of the services or plans. We accept payment through Direct credit or Credit Card. There will be a surcharge of 3.5% if you prefer to pay by Credit Card.

In extreme cases of continued non-payment, we reserve the right to engage our collections agency to obtain outstanding funds. In such cases, the client agrees to pay any associated collection costs.

Refund Policy
If you want to terminate/discontinue the services or plans of SupersonicIT, you will have to write to SupersonicIT 7 working days before the plan is up for renewal. You can also call our toll free number with the same notice cushion to let us know. You can contact SupersonicIT at s[email protected] for any questions or concerns about our Terms and Conditions.

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Contact us via email by submitting a support ticket, either from within your billing portal.

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