network-maintenanceSupersonic IT Solutions offers a complete, ongoing support service including new software releases and the latest bug fixes. All our staff support Microsoft products and have been trained to at least minimum Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status.

Maintenance Service Agreements are fixed price contracts and include the following support services:

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance
  • Desktop Support
  • Network / Internet / LAN / WAN Support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Restoration/reinstallation of network operating systems, major applications
  • Online backups
  • Weekly maintenance tasks
  • Server file optimizations
  • Monthly maintenance tasks
  • Network management & administration
  • Telephonic Support

With the rapid changes in technology development, computer hardware and software is becoming more and more sophisticated and prevalent. Full management of the increasingly complex relationships between these requires a large investment in both time and training. The costs for the customer in acquiring the necessary skill sets in-house are often unable to be justified. The result of leaving a system to manage itself can be disastrous. Supersonic IT Solutions Limited has considerable expertise in Total System Management (Network, server and desktop support) and is able to offer this as part of an overall support package. With our highly technical and experienced staff, we are able to offer you expert advice and latest information, to give you peace of mind that your system is being well managed and is cost effective.

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